Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky

    Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky
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Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanky

In Ukraine, Easter egg decorating is an important art form that dates back centuries. Known as pysanky, these Ukrainian Easter eggs are traditionally decorated using the wax-resist (batik) method.

So how does one create a pysanka? The word itself is taken from the Ukrainian word “to write,” which gives a hint into how it's done. After designs are drawn in pencil around the raw chicken egg, it's hollowed out by drilling a small hole in the top and bottom and letting its innards seep out. Wax is then applied across the lines with a tool called a kistka, and the egg is dipped in the first dye.

Just as in batik, the wax helps seal off the lines so that they remain free of the dye. Wax is continually added, and the egg is continuously dipped in different colors to achieve the desired design. Once dry, the beeswax is melted off with a candle, revealing the colorful pattern. Pysanky are then varnished to preserve them before being displayed on special stands.

There are many different ornamental patterns and colors that one can find on pysanky. Motifs are often taken from other Slavic folk arts and can be found throughout pottery, embroidery, woodwork, and metalwork.

Folk cultures around the world consider pysanky eggs a symbol of springtime and rebirth.

It's a wonderful gift of life with deep meaning!

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