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Exquisite hand-painted box, crafted from natural wood and adorned with intricate floral designs, is more than just a place to store your treasures. It's a vibrant expression of Ukrainian culture and a testament to the skill of its artisan creator.

Ukrainian Folk Reeled Dolls Motanky have been talismans and vital part of our lives in Ukrainian families since ancient times. Dolls were made either hastily to calm and amuse the child, or carefully as a gift for a festivity, wedding, or birthday.

Ukrainian modern decorative painting is a vibrant and diverse field, drawing on the rich traditions of Ukrainian folk art while also incorporating contemporary influences. 

In Ukraine, Easter egg decorating is an important art form that dates back centuries. Known as pysanky, these Ukrainian Easter eggs are traditionally decorated using the wax-resist (batik) method.

Ukrainian Hand Painted Decorative Wooden Wall Plates became popular decorative items at the beginning of 19th century when turmoils and insecurity were over and farming was flourishing.

The art of Ukrainian painted egg, or the Pysanka, dates back to ancient times. Ukrainian Pysanka eggs typically made to be given to family members and respected outsiders. The painted eggs were sort of like greeting cards in the days before Hallmark.

Throughout the magnificent Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine the Hutsul Highlanders of the region have developed a deep-rooted bond with nature living in the many secluded mountain valleys and forests for generations.

In modern Ukraine there are art schools teaching the basics of Petrykivka Art and   and plenty of talented artists working in this area. Landscapes and scenes of folk Ukrainian life painted by professional Ukrainian decorative painters on different shapes of wood or other media.

Wooden nesting dolls are story tellers.   about harvesting, holiday celebration, everyday family life in different seasons like winter scenes or beautiful summer landscapes, significant events of family life like birth of their children, Cossacks going to the service and leaving their loved ones, religious aspects of life. 

Petrykivka Ukrainian decorative painting is a traditional folk painting style that has played a significant role in Ukrainian people’s everyday lives for centuries. The main elements of Petrykivka painting style are lush flowers, symbols of nature: mallow, peonies, asters, various wild flowers, magical fantasy creatures.

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